Chillin at "The Game", host of the 2011 Japan East Regionals (l-r DnZ, ALF, Mista-B, Quest)

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.Well, the summer is almost over and I must say that it went by too damn fast! I was hella busy planning for my wedding and my tour in Japan. Both were VERY fun times for me. The Hip Hop Slam/Positive Omen Tour 2011 was a tour that took place August 8th - August 15th. Our travels started in Tokyo, then Osaka, Kyoto, Okinawa, and back to Tokyo. All I can say is wait for the "Positive Omen" DVD coming soon! In the meantime, click on the above pic to check out the 30 second trailer for the DVD.

Right now you can pick up my EP either through this site, The Giant Peach, or WeNod Records in Japan. All proceeds from the EP will be going towards to tsunami/earthquake relief effort in Japan. Things are slowly coming on the upside over there but don't get it twisted that everything is a-okay because the wack ass news stations in the U.S. aren't talking about it.

I would like to take this moment to give some shout outs to Tyron Daniels, Tomokuni, DnZ, Questosahn, Mista-B, Shux Wun, Earl, Alex aka DJ Trainn, Circus DJ's, Creston Hotel in Shibuya, Manhattan Records, Vestax, Rane, Innofader, Billy Jam, Dawgisht, Sayaka Soma, Slow Land Cafe, Super Deluxe, Salt and Pepper, Minako Tomikawa, Dommune, Lawsons, Family Mart, and whomever I've forgotten......THANKS/ARIGATO!



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Hip Hop Slam/KFJC 23 Jun 07

WAR II CD Release Party on KFJC

Featuring DJ's of Mass Destruction
Hip Hop Slam (Oakland) 22 Jun 07

WAR II Practice Session

Featuring DJ's of Mass Destruction

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